Auto injury victim

Auto injury victim

Being involved in an auto accident is a very emotional and frustrating situation.  The problem begins when your car is damaged and you have no transportation.  Most Florida cities require some form of automotive transportation to be able to get around.  Having your car damaged or, even worse, undriveable can be a real problem by itself.  Getting a rental car is not guaranteed and can be expensive.

But there is often an injury involved after an auto crash.  Sometimes it’s “neck and back” pain.  Sometimes it’s bruising or cuts, broken bones, or even loss of a limb or death.  Those situations can be incredibly traumatic.  The pain and discomfort associated with an auto accident can be permanent.  In other words, the pain may be with you for your entire life.

These situations can have lasting implications.  How do you deal with getting the car repaired?  Who pays my medical bills?  What if I don’t have health insurance?  Am I going to be stuck with the bills?  So many people are afraid to seek medical attention for their injuries after an auto accident because they don’t want to be “stuck with the bills.”

At The Law Office of Dario Diaz we’ve handled thousands of cases helping people deal with automobile losses.  We help our clients get their car fixed, help them get medical care, help them if they’ve lost time and money from work, and get them compensation for their losses.  Our experience in dealing with what are considered minor accidents (“fender benders”), as well as vehicles that are totaled, benefits our clients every day.

The initial appointment is always free, and with a LAWYER.  You will not meet with an investigator, or a runner, or a “case manager.”  You will actually get to meet with a lawyer and get your questions answered.

And you won’t have to pay anything up-front.  We pay all of the “costs” associated with the case.  If we have to order records, we pay for those records.  The only way we get paid our fee and recover our costs, is if we are able to give you a check.  Quite simply, if our client does not recover for their loss, we don’t get paid a penny.