Happy Birthday U.S. Marines

November 10, 2017 is the 242nd birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps

Attorney Dario Diaz, U.S. Marine Corps

Did you know that attorney  Dario Diaz served in the U.S. Marine Corps?  Dario graduated 1st in his platoon (known as the, “Honor Man”) from Marine Corps Bootcamp at Parris Island, SC in 1987.  He was promoted to Corporal, meritoriously, in only 11 months.  Making the rank of a Non-Commissioned Officer in less than a year is incredibly rare in the Marines.  .

After completing his tour, Dario was working toward his first college degree when he was reactivated for Operation Desert Storm.  He served in Operation Desert Storm receiving a Certificate of Commendation directly from the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Dario brings that same U.S. Marine ethos to the practice of law representing his clients zealously and professionally.

Thank you for you trust and confidence in The Law Office of Dario Diaz…and OOH RAH!


The Law Office of Dario Diaz, P.A. is certified by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).

Time Sharing / Child Custody in Florida

Time sharing (previously known as Child Custody) in Florida is the most emotional and difficult part of any family law case.  The children of any marriage or paternity action will be the most important part of the case.  Time sharing will deal with vacations, holidays, weekends and will also determine the amount of chils support.  In a divorce or paternity action the issue of time sharing may even result in one parent trying to use the children to try and manipulate or control the other parent.  At the Law Office of Dario Diaz we have the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to help with your child custody and visitation legal matters.  Call The Law Office of Dario Diaz, the initial consultation with the lawyer is always free.

Getting A Lot of Collection Calls from Creditors?

Have you received hundreds of unwanted CALLS or TEXTS to your cell phone from Wells Fargo, or any other debt collector, bank, telemarketer, or business in the last 4 years?  If so, you may be entitled to up to $1,500 PER CALL or TEXT!  A review of your case with our firm shows that Wells Fargo either owned or serviced your  loan or mortgage.  There is nothing more frustrating than being harassed by endless collection texts and calls, and Wells Fargo has been flagged as a repeat offender.  The law provides for compensation for a minimum of $500 PER unwanted call or text to your cell phone and up to $1,500 per call or text for willful violations.

If you have been a victim of these predatory calls or texts within the last 4 years, we may be able to help.  Call my office to schedule a free consultation to determine whether you qualify for compensation under the law.  We may be able to pursue an action to enforce your rights at no cost to you.  It may be one of the most important calls you make.

¿Detenido? ¿Arrestado? ¡NO HABLE!

Lo mejor que puede hacer si usted es arrestado o ser interrogado por la policía es: 1 ) Preguntar por un abogado; y 2) Cállate la boca. Por supuesto usted puede dar su identificación, pero eso es todo.

Nunca deja de sorprenderme qué frecuencia las personas creen que pueden “explicar ” o de alguna manera hablar a salir de problema.  Nunca trabaja.
Todo lo que hace es dar sus declaraciónes a la policía, que ellos van a utilizar más tarde, y siempre en contra de usted.

Vea este breve vídeo sobre cómo portarte frente a su arresto o detención: