Even a Simple Divorce, Isn’t

Do I Need a Lawyer?  It’s a question asked by those considering a divorce.

Getting divorced no matter how simple it may seem, is a stressful and emotional.  Hiring an experienced attorney to help you navigate the choppy waters will not only give you peace of mind, but it will ensure that you have complied with the complex Florida law.  Even the simplest divorce involves a lot of paperwork.

For example, a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage with no minor children, no dispute over division of assets, and no request for alimony requires at least eight documents to be filed just to initiate the divorce.  In addition, there are court hearings you must attend.  Divorces that involve more complicated scenarios, such as minor children, marital property, various assets, debts, alimony, etc., are even more overwhelming with respect to documents and production.

Divorces are stressful.  An experienced attorney can guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf to ensure that your present and future interests are considered.  There are several factors that can affect the outcome of your divorce, from alimony to child time-sharing arrangements.  While the law provides guidance, the judge has a great deal of discretion. An attorney with a professional reputation and good rapport with the Court can be an enormous asset.

Our firm is experienced in handling all types of divorces.  Whether you are seeking a simple dissolution of marriage or have a more complex scenario, we offer affordable services to our clients in their time of need.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney about your case.  The initial consultation is always free.

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