Florida “No-Fault” Divorce

Many times you might hear Florida is a No-Fault Divorce State.  What does that mean?  What is a No-Fault Dissolution of Marriage?

Basically it means that either party may get a divorce without a specific reason.  Only one of the parties needs to state that the marriage is, “irretrievably broken.”  There is no other reason necessary.  A spouse does not need to prove, “fault” as a reason such as; a marital affair, spending marital money, excessive drinking or drug use, or even domestic violence.  Although those are certainly reasons to get a divorce, they are not necessary in Florida.

Does this make it easy to get a divorce? No, it doesn’t.  There are still multiple documents and pleadings necessary to get divorced in Florida.  Even in the most simple divorce, you may have to complete a dozen documents and provide bank statements, income tax returns, retirement account information, and other documents.  Most family law lawyers will charge you for the initial visit.  We don’t.  Call us for your free consultation and speak with an attorney about your case.

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