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Avoid Foreclosure

Many of our clients know that our lawyers represent victims from auto accidents as well as criminal defense.  However, our foreclosure and modification practice has helped hundreds of people in Tampa and surrounding areas avoid foreclosure and modify their loans.  Most importantly, our real estate practice has allowed  families to remain in their homes with a modified payment they can afford.

Here is a modification we received for one of our foreclosure clients.  This was an email, sent by the lender, confirming our loan modification.  Most significantly you will notice that we were able to reduce the principal by $128,427.57 and our client now has a total monthly payment, including insurance and taxes, of only $400.96. (All identifying information has been removed for client confidentiality)

We certainly don’t want you to think that these types of results are a guarantee of success, they are not.  We can only assure you that we will work diligently and aggressively to get the ultimate result you seek.  If you are in foreclosure or are seeking a modification of your home loan, call us at 813-259-1017 to make an appointment to come speak with us.  Our initial consultation is always free.

See the actual foreclosure email

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