Using Law Office Technology To Your Advantage

There was a time when a legal file consisted of volumes of paper, manila folders (or some users use multi-color folders), and accordion files.  Many attorneys still use paper files and search through volumes of paper to find the document they are looking for.  As law office technology advances, the methods used by your lawyer can give you a significant advantage.  A personal injury case can generate volumes of documents including: medical records, billing statements, depositions, insurance policies, and dozens of other documents that need to be analyzed, cataloged and identified for use either in court or in preparation.

At The Law Office of Dario Diaz, we use law office technology at every stage to your advantage.  All documents are scanned and placed into a case management system that allows instant recall of the document from any computer.  All documents are searchable to allow instant recall based on content of the document.  Tech gives personal injury attorneys who actually file lawsuits and go to court (there are not that many) another advantage.  For example, one recent technological advance is eFiling.  All Florida attorneys must now electronically file their court documents via the internet.  The process of eFiling is time consuming and many lawyers dislike it because it takes so much time and requires significant computer skills.

We use eFileMadeEasy ( to do the entire process of eFiling with just a few clicks.  Other lawyers may not want to file documents or may shy away from filing documents because of the process involved with eFiling.  At The Law Office of Dario Diaz this is never an issue and the technology actually allows us to file more documents than normal because of the simplicity and speed.  Take a look at a video that shows the technology and how it’s used in personal injury, auto accidents, and litigation in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

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