Past Results

Here are some examples of our verdicts and the offer made prior to trial.

Should you want to know more about the results please look at our site or come speak with us directly.


(Premises Liability – pretrial offer of $60,000.00)

A.C. v. Camden – A young child lived at an apartment community where the management left the gym door unsecured and the child entered the gym.  While playing in the gym the child’s arm was caught in the treadmill and the injury resulted in friction burns and a broken arm.


(Medical Malpractice – pretrial offer of $25,000.00)

Ontivero v. Talent Tree, et. al. – Our client was a patient getting a very simple outpatient procedure.  The IV line in her forearm twisted creating a compartment syndrome blockage that required emergency surgery to relieve the pressure in the forearm.


(Auto Accident Personal Injury – pretrial offer of $3,000.00)

Acosta v. Martinez – Rear end car accident where a drunk driver crashed into the back of our client.  The resulting neck and back injury caused a herniated disk and significant pain and suffering.  The insurance company offered $3,000 to settle the case.  After trial the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client for $589,000.00.


(Fraud – no pretrial offer)

LMD Media v. CCI Camera City – Fraud action where an internet store sold equipment to a local company that was not the same as advertised on the vendor site.  The vendor refused to return the  $3,000.00 purchase to the buyer resulting in the lawsuit.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client for $3,000.00 for the equipment plus $100,000.00